Katanning Dental is committed to making our patients’ visits to our dental centre as comfortable, relaxing and fast as possible. That's why we offer a professional, personalised and high quality service that utilises the latest dental technology and modern procedures to improve your experience.

Discover the advantages our modern dentistry tools and techniques bring:

Laser dentistry: Using dental lasers is a new and pain-free way of performing numerous traditional dentistry procedures. Dentists now have more control, which reduces the chance of damaging surrounding tissues such as gum and tooth structures. This means bleeding and damage is minimised, patient wounds heal faster and stitches and anaesthesia may not have to be used.

Low-dose dental x-rays: Low-dosage x-ray techniques provide many benefits to our practice and patients. They use 90 per cent less radiation compared to traditional film x-rays. They are also much faster as electronic x-rays can be taken instantly, which makes it possible to immediately identify any problems within the mouth on the spot.

Intraoral camera: This revolutionary dental device incorporates still image and video capabilities in order to provide a full snapshot of a patient's current state inside their mouth. Patients can therefore gain insight into the condition of their mouth and teeth, using this understanding to make better choices about suitable dental treatment they require and why.

Digital OPG unit: An OPG is a shortened acronym for an Orthopantomogram, though the scanning device may also be referred to as a Dental Panoramic Radiograph (DPR). Essentially, it is used to capture a panoramic, two-dimensional, ear-to-ear view of a patient's upper and lower jaw. OPGs are a great technological advancement, considering they offer speed, convenience and low radiation exposure for patients.