First Visit?

Good dentistry starts with trust, which is why when you visit our team of friendly, experienced dentists you can be sure you’re speaking with true professionals, with real-world experience and qualifications.

We’ve helped countless patients with dental treatments, aftercare, and preventative dentistry over years of actively serving those living in and around Katanning.

Learn more about what you can expect at Katanning Dental Centre, by clicking on any of our exclusive patient benefits – as well as some useful information that may assist you prior to your first appointment.

What to expect at your first visit

At Katanning Dental, you will not only receive personalised service tailored to suit your needs, you will also find a team of dental professionals keen to deliver the highest service to both new and regular patients. Based in Katanning, Western Australia, it is our mission to promote dental health care in the area and ensure that all our patients have a pleasant experience.

For new patients to Katanning Dental, there is a quick questionnaire that needs to be filled out on your initial visit. By answering the questions you will help our dedicated staff build a tailored service and treatment plan that suits your needs.

When you undergo a dental assessment, your mouth, teeth and gums will be inspected by one of our proficient practitioners.They will be searching for any signs of cavities, tooth decay, gum disease or any damaged or loose teeth. If required, x-ray and other dental technologies may be utilised to better assess your oral situation.

In order to maintain optimal oral health care, regular dental assessments every six months are necessary. In addition to consistent check-ups, you must also take responsibility for flossing, brushing and maintaining a healthy diet in order to maximise your daily preventative dental care routine.

Contact us today to discuss any dental concerns and treatment options you may require and to schedule your first appointment.