Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are a frequently used solution for patients in need of restoring, protecting or replacing missing, cracked, crooked or decayed teeth.

A crown is a complete cover for single tooth, whereas a bridge is a slightly more advanced crown. Bridges replace a missing tooth by placing two crowns on each side of a false tooth to hold it in place.

Crowns and bridges are beneficial to a person's overall oral healthy, since they offer numerous advantages:

  • They have a natural tooth-like appearance.
  • Custom made for comfort.
  • Constructed from a durable material for optimal performance.

Additionally, crowns and bridges are permanent fixtures that cannot be removed, so unlike removable dentures, patients opting for a crown or bridge are ensured with long-term function. 、

How are crowns and bridges made?

Dental crowns and bridges are two cosmetic dentistry options that can help to restore not only the look of teeth but also its function.

Bridges help to fill the gap left by missing teeth, while crowns are used to restore malformed, discoloured, cracked or misshapen teeth.


The creation of crowns starts with a mould of the tooth being taken and then used to create an exact model, from which the crown is prepared.

The creation of the model and crown is a specialised practice that can take a week or more, so a temporary crown is usually fitted and held in place with special dental cement to protect the at risk tooth.


Preparation of bridges varies, depending on the type you get, which include fixed, bonded and cantilever bridges.

In most cases, the procedure begins with recontouring the abutment teeth and shaping them down so that they can receive the crowns.

Impressions are then created and from this a model of each component of the bridge is made, where this specialised process can take some time, with a temporary bridge fitted in the meantime to protect teeth and gums.

When the permanent bridge is ready, the temporary model is removed, with the new one fitted.

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